Blockchain Global Impact Conference at Stanford University

The Blockchain - a foundational technology that helps make independent currencies possible without the traditional trust-arbitrating role of governments, is something that we NEVER thought we would be apart of. 

When we were asked to help socialize the concept and co-produce the March 23rd Conference at Stanford we quickly realized that the blockchain is one of the most relevent conversations of our time.  As unlikely as it may seem at first glance, some of the brightest minds in the world of bitcoin and digital currency are studying, identity credentials,  art, new forms of generative user engagement and of course  Burning Man as an example of an autonomous, self-organizing, values-based community. 

We invited thought leaders John Perry Barlow, Don Tapscott and Burning Man's Larry Harvey to join MIT's John Clippinger and our very own Re: Imagine Group's Peter Hirshbeg to provide insights for developers working on digital trust systems. 

10622750_10153730245808079_6406423963319046258_n (1).jpg

Play, renamed this conference "The Blockchain Global Impact Conference" organized the guest list, media and speakers of the well attended event.