World Economic Forum and Burning Man


In 2014 I was invited by some DLD Family to attend Davos on my 28th Birthday. Although I had plans to head to London that day, and a series of round table discussion, events and dinners to host in London with many important stakeholders (Burning Man and otherwise), I decided to go. 

Many of the groups that I had been engaging with were there and invited me to their respective gatherings, such as the Hub Culture dinner, Frog Creative, DLD, MIT Media LAB, Wall Street Journal, Boston Consulting, Skype, Yahoo and more. 

What I was surprised to learn, was how quickly the word got out that #BurningMan was in town. To be honest I introduced my self as a Community Engagement Strategist with Re:Imagine Group, but still caught on to the Burning Man connection. 

By Mid week I had been asked to sit down with a few WEF members and discuss civic initiatives from Davos to Detroit, and ended up having an impromptu gather with WEF/ Burners at the india restaurant with a free buffet called India Ada.

It was at this random meet-up that I was asked by participants to push the comparisons between the two organizations as a starting point for a larger conversation that needs to take place (according to this rare multi-network group) in the world.  

The meet up was everything it should have been. tThere was a Rabbi, a guy from Coachella, a Drone Building Master, Authors, Urbanists, Spiritual Leaders, Neurologists, Futurists, a guy from Adobe, many Strategists, and then some. 

As a result my friend Taro Gold wrote this story for both Huffington Post and the Voices of Burning Man Blog.

Today, one year later I am left to reflect on this experience and wonder what might be next?

Christiana Falcon came to Burning Man this year to explore how the civic community can be incorporated in to other initiatives.